Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, San Marcos

Joely Proudfit, Kristine Diekman
San Marcos, CA
December 2015

Support from the W. M. Keck Foundation will enable a faculty team at California State University, San Marcos to develop the American Indian Digital Media and Culture Project.  They will work with undergraduate liberal arts faculty and 180 undergraduate students to create, research, design and produce digital media arts projects with the assistance of tribal community subject matter experts and digital media artists.  The overall goals are: 1) to create an international model for the presentation of tribal cultural knowledge through the delivery of interdisciplinary undergraduate media arts based projects; and, 2) to provide tribal community members, students, and faculty the instruction, support and resources needed to create community responsive media projects.  These goals are supported by five “SMART” objectives (Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Related and Timeline) as they contribute to the further development of teaching and learning practices that include native ways of knowing and support the University’s capacity for interdisciplinary liberal arts curricula.

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