Undergraduate Education Program

California Lutheran University

David Marcey
Thousand Oaks, CA
December 2015

The Departments of Biology and Exercise Science at California Lutheran University have evaluated their programs in the light of national STEM education recommendations and their own successes in developing inquiry based courses and activities.  As a result, they plan to add research-based activities that will positively impact all biology and exercise science students.  The W. M. Keck Foundation is providing funds for the acquisition of an advanced instrumentation suite comprised of a flow cytometer, next generation DNA sequencer, spinning disk confocal microscope and motion capture analysis system.  This suite will be used to: 1) incorporate modern research methods into existing, advanced laboratory courses; 2) develop and implement a modern, research-based laboratory class for all biology majors; 3) expand methodologies used in faculty-mentored, student research projects; and, 4) integrate introductory biology and exercise science laboratories with advanced ones.  The project will engage a significant portion of life sciences undergraduates in modern, computationally based, investigative methods in life science research and will increase science literacy, encouraging more students to pursue graduate and professional careers.

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