Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, Los Angeles

Frank Gomez
Los Angeles, CA
June 2016

The Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Biology plan to engage over 1500 undergraduate students annually in the interdisciplinary field of paper microfluidics by developing, integrating, and linking this new technology into six current laboratory courses: General Chemistry (two semesters), Introductory Biology (two semesters), Quantitative Analysis, and Cell and Molecular Biology.  Students will partake in 10 course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) focused on the design, development, and application of paper-based analytical devices.  In this interdisciplinary project, students will learn in an environment that is informed by research, scholarship, and up-to-date practice and knowledge.  Emphasis will be on research processes and problems.  Students will be active participants and teaching and learning will be student-focused.  Students will conduct group work and collaborative projects as part of newly designed research projects.  Learning will be research-project-based and students will learn how to do research and be a researcher.  The CUREs will evolve and build on research from previous students/class work.  The novelty in this project lies in using paper microfluidics as the vehicle to excite students’ passion for science and research by examining real-world problems science can solve.

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