Undergraduate Education Program

California State University, Monterey Bay

Nathaniel Jue
Monterey Bay, CA
June 2017

Recent disruptive innovations in DNA sequencing technology and the advent of “Big Data” science have significantly changed the skills necessary to work professionally within the field of biology.  This requires changing undergraduate education and training to incorporate genomics and bioinformatics.  California State University, Monterey Bay will scaffold bioinformatics and genomics across the biology curriculum to promote specialization and mastery in the skills and concepts related to them.  They propose to: (1) integrate genomic modules and course-based research experiences into all course levels, ranging from a genomics-focused first-year seminar and core lower-division biology courses to senior capstone research courses and (2) develop and implement a new genomics and bioinformatics concentration within the bachelor’s degree in biology.  In the first year, course-based research experience modules will be developed for six courses with two being taught and assessed, and a new biology concentration in bioinformatics and genomics will be submitted for university approval.  In the second year, four modules developed in the previous year will be taught and assessed, and seven modules and a new first-year seminar will be developed.  In the third year, the remaining modules will be taught and assessed, and four modules and a new first-year seminar will be developed, taught and assessed.  This work will provide the basis for a broader model in higher education on how to integrate genomics and bioinformatics into a traditional biology curriculum.

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