Undergraduate Education Program

George Fox University

Robert Harder
Newberg, OR
June 2017

George Fox University’s College of Engineering is centered on humanitarian design.  Its undergraduate students are passionate about building state-of-the-art devices that address important societal needs in safety, health, and poverty.  To meet the needs of a rapidly growing enrollment, engineering faculty have built a collaborative design-build environment called the Engineering Innovation Center.  In this new space, they plan to grow student expertise in electromechanical systems, affording them the opportunity to create prototypes using versatile, high-strength materials with embedded circuits.  These devices are known as molded interconnect devices.  Molded interconnect devices integrate conductive pathways directly onto a 3D substrate without the need for a large 2D printed circuit board.  Traditional methods of creating molded interconnect devices require expensive injection molding equipment that is not suitable for rapid prototyping or small-scale production.  With the machines requested, students will have the opportunity to build devices that can have significant humanitarian impacts in the digital world.

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