Undergraduate Education Program

National Center for Science and Civic Engagement

Eliza Reilly
Stony Brook, NY
June 2017

The National Center for Science and Civic Engagement (NCSCE) will establish and advance robust partnerships between indigenous populations and local formal and informal educators to improve educational outcomes for all students, promote cultural understanding, and foster long-term collaborations on issues of common concern.  The project will extend the successful Hawai’i NCSCE strategy to Alaska and four new state pilot projects.  Over the three-year project, 75 formal educators and administrators will partner with 37 native community leaders and 120 informal educators to host a series of meetings to deepen collaborations and embed programs.  Local environmental and health issues will provide context for inquiry-based learning that transcends perceived conflicts between local tradition and scientific ways of thinking.  NCSCE will leverage its national community of transformation to support professional development for lasting institutional change and community partnerships.  The partnerships will be developed specifically to last beyond the project period as a necessary, mutually beneficial collaboration for the success of all students, health of the community, and care of the shared environment.

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