Undergraduate Education Program

Pacific University

David DeMoss
Forest Grove, OR
June 2017

The School of Arts and Humanities (SAH) at Pacific University seeks to expand undergraduate research in the arts and humanities.  The goal is to provide all arts and humanities students with faculty-mentored research opportunities that encourage higher levels of thinking and creativity.  The objectives are: (a) all SAH students will have an opportunity to develop and deepen their research skills as SAH departments (working individually and collaboratively) use backwards design to integrate research into every level of the curriculum; (b) SAH students will further pursue their research in conjunction with faculty in a focused, interdisciplinary summer institute; and, (c) SAH students will have opportunities to disseminate the outcomes of their research through a newsletter, a peer-reviewed online, multimodal SAH undergraduate journal, and presentations at national and international conferences.  Leadership teams, consisting each year of one member from each SAH department, will guide progress for the year, oversee the integration of undergraduate research in the curriculum, assess progress towards outcomes and track student/faculty perceptions and attitudes during each stage of the project.

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