Undergraduate Education Program

Portland State University

Zhiqiang Chen
Portland, OR
June 2017

Portland State University plans to develop an online electron microscopy platform that will offer nanoscience education to undergraduates via virtual instrument simulators.  The platform will serve as a national model for undergraduate education programs with complex scientific instruments by improving and expanding research and technical training.  This project will complete the ongoing development of a transmission electron microscopy (TEM) simulator in the platform, carry out an education assessment to compare the costs and learning outcomes for using on-site, hands-on TEM versus the TEM simulator, and disseminate the simulator via existing education courses and programs by offering the platform to undergraduate students from any university.  The project is bridging a gap between existing virtual products too narrowly focused to meet the needs of undergraduate education. It launches effective instrument-based education infrastructure to a broader audience without the need for large capital instrument investments, particularly for undergraduate students with limited resources to attain desired learning outcomes.

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