Undergraduate Education Program

LeTourneau University

Darryl Low
Longview, TX
December 2017

The scanning electron microscope (SEM) is an extremely useful piece of equipment capable of analyzing samples at high magnifications, and has been utilized in a variety of different fields of scientific research.  Almost 20 years old, the existing SEM at LeTourneau University has outlived its useful life and was limited to analyzing metallic samples because it operated at high vacuum.  The purchase of a versatile SEM capable of operating at lower vacuum and low voltage is expected to have a significant and widespread impact across campus.  In addition to modernizing Materials Joining courses which use the existing SEM to analyze joints between metallic substances, lab courses in Biology and Chemistry will add lab modules to introduce students to SEM imaging.  The engineering program will use the SEM to study composite materials and corrosion in a laboratory benchtop water treatment system.  As access and appropriate training would be open to all interested LeTourneau faculty, this single instrument will enhance student and faculty capabilities across campus.

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