Undergraduate Education Program

Texas A&M University

Wei Li
College Station, TX
June 2018

Educators from Texas A&M University will design and implement an interdisciplinary project based learning model named ENDEAVR.  The model will help students embrace the paradigm shift of smart cities and technological development associated with automation and connectivity, with a particular focus on autonomous vehicles.  It will consist of four components, 1) an interdisciplinary seminar course, 2) an interdisciplinary project-based learning course, 3) community outreach, and 4) assessment of learning and community impact.  These components will focus on enhancing students’ interdisciplinary competence, critical thinking, and creative-problem-solving skills.  ENDEAVR will be a scalable and transferable model that can be implemented in other higher-education institutions across the nation.  Therefore, it has a strong potential to advance and transform the nation’s interdisciplinary undergraduate education in the era of smart and connected communities.

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