Undergraduate Education Program

Oregon Institute of Technology

Eklas Hossain
Klamath Falls, OR
June 2018

This project will support the development of a small-scale independent “Smart Grid” lab to be used in undergraduate engineering programs at Oregon Tech.  The Smart Grid lab provides an independent hardware/software platform to explore operation, control and integration of renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, and geothermal with an existing power grid.  It will increase the competence of undergraduate students by arming them with advanced multidisciplinary knowledge to make them the perfect workforce for the evolving energy sector and power grid.  The new careers in energy sector require knowledge of several disciplines.  The current curriculum does not cover all of them, and the presently available materials and tools need to be updated to meet the changing needs of the evolving power grid.  This project will provide the Electrical Engineering & Renewable Energy department with those tools to expand the current curriculum with a complete independent Smart Grid platform that is currently absent in this sector.  It will also enable the students and faculty to conduct lab development and research work, independently and with collaboration with other institutes and industries, which will produce a lab/class experience for undergraduate engineering students using an actual small scale power grid.

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